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Journalism is a calling that’s critical to the survival of democracy. But times are tough, and the hits keep on coming.

The Pew Research Center’s 2015 State of the Media report said newsroom employment was still falling.

Not one but two Pulitzer prize winners had already left their journalism jobs for PR even before the 2015 awards were announced.

Employment site CareerCast ranks photojournalist, broadcaster and newspaper reporter at the bottom of its worst jobs list, along with cook and lumberjack. The report put the employment outlook for newspaper reporters in negative double digits.

While journalists are always on the front lines of freedom, they are increasingly on the front line of battle. Reporters Without Borders says 69 journalists died on the job in 2014. Poynter says at least nine journalists were beaten or hurt covering the violent protests in Baltimore.

Many journalists at the top of their games are considering, or in the midst of, drastic change. Even those who are secure in their careers no doubt know others on the edge professionally.

The good news is that most have skills that are highly-valued in the business world. But unless they have a job lined up before they make the jump, there’s a lot they need to know before they can land on their feet.

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