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The Oscars Fiasco and Crisis Communications

Bonnie & Clyde robbed the Oscars. Steve Harvey is vindicated. “La La Land” won the popular vote but “Moonlight” won the electoral college. Instead of #OscarsSoWhite, the new hashtag is #OscarsSoWrong. These are just a few of the witty remarks on social media when Faye Dunaway, standing with a befuddled…


“Amazing Woman” Linda Rabbitt on Business, Boards

“We make plans sometimes and the universe doesn’t listen to our plans,” says Linda Rabbitt, (above left) the founder, chair and CEO of one of the country’s most respected and successful commercial contractors. While her statement applies to business challenges, it’s just as true about family and health. At age…


Helping the Homeless – One Apartment at a Time

The man above is named Roderick Streeter. His toddler Roderick, Jr. sits on his knee. Just a few months ago, Adriana Garcia, a supporter of the Feeding the Homeless Project, took this photo of them sitting on a curb at a soup kitchen. They’d been sleeping on benches for months…


Is There Life After News?

Journalism is a calling that’s critical to the survival of democracy. But times are tough, and the hits keep on coming. The Pew Research Center’s 2015 State of the Media report said newsroom employment was still falling. Not one but two Pulitzer prize winners had already left their journalism jobs…


Six Questions to Ask Before a TV Interview

In TV interviews, a reporter, anchor or producer asks you questions. But a lot of people don’t realize that asking questions of their own can make it a better, more productive, less stressful – and maybe even fun – experience. This applies to more than television. Vodcasts, streaming video platforms,…

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